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How to remove car emblems quick- Ultimate guide you need

Why You Need to Debadge Car?

The car emblem is not just an accessory that creates an attention-grabbing point to your car. It can represent your passion and express your love for a brand, theme, or anything that captures your fancy.

They are more than just a symbol. It can update the look of your car, giving it an identity like no other. A full replacement customized emblem can show who you are through color and design. It can speak to you and for you, giving other people a glimpse of your personality. It's a best sign for car enthusiast too!

If you own a brand, the unique badge not only let your car look nice, also can promote your brand! Some people like to show their creativity by creating a custom car emblem for their beloved vehicle. It's an awsome idea, right?

Before you can go ahead and apply a new customized emblem, you may need carefully remove the old or factory badges. Next follow us the ultimate guide that you can safely de-badge a car emblem without damaging your car paint.

How to Remove Car Emblems without Damaging Paints?

Step 1: Soften the adhesive

Removing simple adhesive car badges requires introducing heat to loosen them. 

You can opt to use hot water, which is a basic way to apply heat and help soften the adhesion. It's not necessary to use boiling water but it should produce enough steam to do the job.
You can take the microfiber towel and form a mini tent around the badge and the water container. You only need to carefully pour it from the top of the emblem. This method allows you to concentrate the steam directly on the badge.

Some people like to use a hairdryer or heat gun to make the adhesive loose. If you are using a heat gun, you can heat it for only 1-1.5 minutes, holding the heat gun several inches from the car. Because the heat gun not only loose adhesive but also melting paint by accident. Then check if the glue has softened. To avoid the heat gun damaging car paint, you can choose a hairdryer as well, it will take longer but it’s safer.

Step 2: Remove the car emblem

The heat should loosen up the emblem adhesive quickly, and the emblem is easy to take off now. However, there's always the question of whether you want to salvage your old badge.

If you still want to have the old emblem in one piece, you can utilize a strong fishing line or dental floss to peel off the adhesive gently. This material allows you to preserve the complete of the badge. Wrap the ends of the string around your fingers and see under it back and forth until it comes off. Just like you clean your teeth. lol. If you notice resistance while doing so, you can apply more steam and try again.

Otherwise, you can use an ABS or rubber wedge to lift the emblem. Use this tool to create a wedge between the vehicle body and badge, carefully applying even pressure to prevent paint damage. Pry it up slightly by section until the middle is the only portion left to pull.

Tips: You can soak the floss in the adhesive remover. And make sure when you're removing the badge that the adhesive stays hot. You may need to heat it every 30 seconds or so if the emblem is too big. It's better if you could get someone to heat the badge while you work on it!

Step 3: Cleaning up and waxing

You might notice a layer of mess on the badge area. That's ok. You can clean it away by washing it with automotive soap and a clean sponge. Alternatively, you can use microfiber cloth with adhesive remover to clean the area easily! Gently rub off the debris and rinse with warm water to prevent scratching your car paint.

Once it is dirt-free, you can use a microfiber towel to wipe the damp portions until the area is dry enough to facilitate the wax application. You can apply a dab of liquid wax about a quarter's size and rub it onto the area in a circular motion. You should wait for the wax to cure for about 15 minutes then proceed to buff with a dry microfiber towel, making the paint shine.

How to Install New Emblems?

Now you have knew how to take off old car badge. So here comes the fun part: apply your personalized car emblem! The vehicle surface should be ready to put a new badge now since it is already clean and dry.

You can start by creating a straight line. You can use the painter's tape to do this job. Make sure it goes straight by marking the vehicle badge top and bottom. Remember, you only have one chance to align it!

Once you confirmed your planned placement, you can then peel off the protective film on the backside of the custom car emblem. Carefully stick it to the designated area and apply pressure for around 1-2 minutes. Voila! You can now enjoy your new and improved badge.

We recommend waiting for 2-3 days before washing your car after installing a new vehicle badge. It’s to make sure that the accessory makes full contact and fully bonds to the surface.

How to Keep Emblems Last On Car?

Keeping your new car badge clean is essential if you want to make it long-lasting. You should also get in the habit of maintaining the badge. Dirt, debris, and other particles can accumulate on the badge over time, potentially causing premature damage.

It’s best to avoid power washing when you have a new emblem. You can opt for a hand wash and then pat dry with a microfiber towel to preserve the custom painting of the badge. When you wash your car, make sure to clean it with an all-purpose cleaner thereafter to remove water and soap residue.

You can use a toothbrush to thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of the car emblem. It helps you rub off any fungus or rust on the accessory. A hard-bristled brush can do the trick, although you must use it carefully so as not to scratch your paint or the badge finish. You may also wax the badge periodically to maintain its new-like quality.

If you are concern about the car wash will damage your emblem, you can cover a film on emblem, then clean it alone after car wash.